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These people have successfully found a way of breeding a master race -- now you can too!

Wolfgang & Eva

"I met Eva through GD dating and we hit it off straight away. We are so compatible -- we both even wear the same jackboots in bed!"
Wolfgang, 36.

Heidi & the Clan
"The moment I saw those chaps in their shiny black uniforms and silly hats, I knew they were the men for me! We celebrated our marriage last week and I don't know how to thank you ... my life is now complete, and just 2 months on I am already expecting my fifth child."
.. Heidi, 24

The Queens Park Eugenics Social Club

"We use GD Dating's unique eugenic profiling service to meet and procreate with people who look just like us. Its amazing, we get to avoid all forms of genetic pollution ... even our in-laws agree its a genetically safe and enjoyable way of screwing around!"

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