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Dr Jeeps Alpine Redoubt
We meet Doctor Jeep, the famous Fuhrer of the GDclan, in his specially constructed bomb-proof Alpine chalet.
Painmaster's breeding experiment
See at first hand our new eugenic wonder weapon.

Edpow's New Computer
Marvel at the miracles of technology, as Edpow finally replaces his ZX-81 with a "difference engine".


Replica GD Cuff titles
Thats right .. no girl should be seen without these. The latest in GD chic, in gorgeous silver braid. Perfect with evening dress uniform or bondage gear.

Made with special German leather, these handbags will almost certainly cause revulsion and alarm by almost any sane human being.

You can find out about their latest lines in celebrity endorsed civilian casualties here.

Find out how Mr and Mrs Krupp spent all their hard earned money here.

Find more fun-packed authoritarian websites at the GD network.

Yesterday Heidi Lederpanten, famous for appearing in several chatshows and having a bizarrely public addiction to indigestion tablets, celebrated her union with the GD clan.

The ceremony took place in a top secret location in southern Bavaria, attended only by senior party animals.

"It was beautful" said one onlooker, "the bride looked fantastic and to see the dribbling venal lust of our boys in black was something i will carry with me to my dying day".

We talk to the accountants in charge of the pop music industry.
and explain why the accountancy profession has managed to take charge of all popular artforms. The charts have never been more healthy! People have been rushing out to make music execs really rich, while buying the same old recycled rubbish as last year. The beauty of it is: no-one needs talent anymore!
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GD clan celebrates 1 year at the top
and we're giving away prizes to anyone who can guess how long we can avoid getting shut down. read more