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New Wonder Weapon - the BLITZMOWER

PEENEMUNDE -- Top scientists today unveiled the latest addition to our glorious arsenal, a vehicle of unsurpassed destructiveness. Thats right, Mass death has never been so sexy!

The New BlitzMower, our latest revenge weapon against the Tommies
With an atomic powered Rocket Engine, this weapon of mass death will almost certainly become a pin-up for adolescents the world over. Move over King Tiger, the Blitzmower is here!

Able to scythe through heavy lawns and dog's eggs, the Blitzmower will be added to the product lines of several major DIY product outlet divisions in time for our Christmas Offensive.

With a revolutionary power supply, a 3000hp turbo-jet engine with afterburners, you can say goodbye to untidy lawns and neighbourly territorial disagreements.

A few problems have beset the development of this project, namely the rapid incineration of the operator, but scientists are confident that these can be ironed out in time for its release.