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Cornwall Liberated - A Victory for Gapiro

Having been sent to cornwall by the Honourable Fuhrer Jeep, I was told to find if there was a suitable landing spot and supplies for when we landed. I was then parachuted into the city of Cambridge where I set up my operation.

Leaving the 2 most sober of my bunch, edpow and totenkopf , in the bunker, I decided to take Whittman and Zealot with me to meet agent "CFE" in the area of "Vales", as it was known as to us, to decide on a plan to get into there without being noticed.

We decided to take the idea of being a family of 2 males with two adopted sons. Taking our army style tent with 2 bedrooms , a cooker and a living area , the size of a bungalow, to a campsite in cornwall called "Camp 12352". The poeople were very security conscious and asked for our id papers.

They had all identical tents and they were not very nice looking: they were just plain small brown tents. We decided to set up our tent at the edge, so we had more space.

The next day we thought we would scout the area for supplies of beer. We found not so much beer as "cyder" and there would be enough to supply us if we landed there. We decided to test the quality of it and then had to stay in recovery for a while. Its good enough for the troops we decided, taking about 50 bottles of everything we found.

The next 5 days we scouted the beaches and "admired the scenery", we decided that to justify it to our wives we would say that you go on holiday to see things you don't normally see! We found that there were beaches large enough to land a sizeable army but they usually had only one entrance: perfect for the concentrated attack strategy.

Finally, however, we were caught and they took us back to our campsite. They wanted to know why we were there. Whittman said we were there to admire the scenery and to have some fun on holiday.

They didn't buy this but let us go to our tent. We decided that we must run to meet agent Bruhv in his county of devon. Upon reaching his base of operations, we found he was living it up and that he had a private jet to get us back to the motherland.

We flew this home and then reported to the fuhrer, who decided that cyder was not good enough for the men and so see-lion would not take place. However, he decided to auction Poland to get some more money for my next scouting mission.