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New Landschiffe unveiled

La Rochelle-- its bye-bye baby for the Allies as we launch our new wonderweapon, the Tirpitz!

After the disastrous U-Boot campaign, we announce new ways to use the Navy

The fuhrer, tired of trying to put the Kriegsmarine to sea to engage in a hopeless battle with the Royal Navy, has proudly annouced a new refitting campaign so that all the stupid effort producing these battleships wont go to waste.

With the simple addition of several engines and some caterpillar tracks, this new "wunderLandschiff" is sure to break the cycle of defeats on the western, eastern and southern fronts.

"This will have the added advantage that it wont sink, and should be one-in-the-eye for all those bolsheviks who are now having sex with our women" said Goebbels.

As we speak, Goering has assured the Fuhrer that this can be adapted also for aviation. The prospect of a wunderluftshiff has been met with rapturous applause in the GD bunker and now we know that victory is just a matter of time.

Since writing this article, the LandSchiff has advanced from its moorings by a massive 10 feet.