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Spanish campaign a total success

Costa Del Sol -- German Holiday makers triumphant upon seisure of key poolside assets.

A usual poolside scene at 3am as the valiant German Volk defend their reclining chairs.
The German Reich is proud to announce the annexation of several key European holiday resorts.

Too long have the people of southern Spain been disunited with their German brethren! Now, thanks to our brave beachtowel kommandos, we have secured important Urlaubsraum in the south.

The Englisch of course noticed it first. The surly patronising holiday makers from the glorious Deutches Reich had often offended fellow revellers and indigenous trinket-sellers with their high-handed and irritating belief in their own superiority. Thanks to the Beach towel kommando, this faith has been realised.

Phase 1 went according to plan. The glorious Luthansawaffe flew in between 2 and 3 thousand holiday makers, while an advance guard of tourist reps changed all the road signs and shop signs to german to confuse the local inhabitants.

Triumphant Germans after the "Battle of the Bill".
Phase 2 was more difficult, as some Englisch und odder schweins had booked rooms in ze same hotels. Otto Skorzeny, Hero of the Reich, personally oversaw the eviction of zese untermenschen.

Phase 3, the browbeating of local businesses and staff, was an easy task with our new blitzkrieg tactics. "Zey didnt know Vhat hit them" said a triumphant holiday maker, "Ve just asked all the time Why zey do it zis vey here, because in Germany Ve do it much better, and of course we can add up better than ze local staff, fur sure".

It all adds up to another glorious victory! Long live the Fuhrer and the Volk of Dachshund!!!

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