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National Westminster Party announces new propaganda offensive

CITY OF LONDON -- Natwest has announced a new offensive - bigger and more offensive than anything before.

The Financial solution. Debt is good!
Labelled the "Financial Solution" the Natwest has been in talks with several leading industrial and government agencies to work out what makes a compliant and shit-scared workforce.

"At the end of the day, we think that Debt is Good", said Helmut Krasch of the Natwest Offensive thinktank, "In short, the more scared people are the harder they work. We think of debt as a social whip, and as long as we are in control of the state apparatus, it can only be a good thing".

The National Westminster Socialist Workers and Accountants Party has been instrumental in keeping interest rates at a very competitive level while at the same time spending millions on TV ads designed to get people to take on more debt.

"Everytime we see Carol Vorderman on TV eulogising our financial products we laugh", says Helmut, "these people are screwing their lives up for the sake of some shitty new sofa and we are getting great bonuses. The financial Solution is working just fine".

When asked about possible war-crimes-trials when the existing state is overthrown, the upper management referred to the "just following orders" clause.

Has the financial solution worked for you? Have your say.