ORIGIN: Military Intelligence
SUBJECT: Request for consideration of a court martial for brigadier bWare
DATE: 2001-09-25 22:34:34.23443

It was a cold night and chilling. BWare and Kolo marched confidently onto the field of battle. Then bWare turned and fled to the southern corner whiles Kolo captured the strategic centre ground and spread his troupes out for a prolonged war.

From his entrenched position in the south bWare amassed an army whose might had not been seen the earth was forged. However CFE is not the sort to be easily intimidated by an army of mythic proportions and the march of the harbingers of Armageddon was stalled and finally defeated in close combat.

Taking defeat badly the dread army proceeded to fallback to their dark layer. Stopping only shortly to lay a nice paving effect in the fields. By the time bWare was fully entrenched there was not a field in site that was not darkened by mines. Unfortunately this did little to stop CFE advancing.

Taking to guerrilla tactics bWare’s snipers disappeared into the dark woods surrounding his position. Unfortunately they never reappeared again leaving him rather short of infantry. However his lines seemed to be holding and so he decided on a vindictive move, and utilising the spotters left behind in the buildings as CFE had advanced, his Howitzers went to work.

During this time DrJeep was attacking CFE on his flank and with his troops harried by aerial assault CFE fell. However this left Dr Jeep free to sweep across bWare’s defences with a battalion of tanks that mysteriously avoided every single mine and fell upon my field guns with little mercy.

Deciding the fight was lost bWare scarped of the battlefield as his troupes made their heroic last stand.

For his cowards on the battlefield and using despicable tactics, but most of all for losing anyway we would like to see bWare court marshalled.



ORIGIN: Strategy and Command
SUBJECT: RE: Military Intelligent request for promoting bWare
DATE: 2001-09-26 12:50:32.123312

Command would like to thank Military Intelligent for their request to promote bWare due to heroic action of 2001-09-25. We will take the matter under advisement

Strategy and Command