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We are just working on a huge consignment of factory-direct weapons of mass destruction. Let this little baby whet your appetite ...

Ok guys, here is the ULTIMATE recreational combat vehicle! I’ve just got a great condition PzKwVI Tiger in. These are very hard to find! It is believed that Hitler himself used one of these tanks as he thought they gave the most comfortable ride! With only 60,000 miles on the clock, this baby will give you the ride of you’re life… and that’s not all, it could give you the best time of you’re life…!’s how…

With its leather interior and walnut fascia, it’s already a beauty…BUT…here comes the amazing part! I have actually managed to get a VIBRATING BED in! (Don’t bother asking how!). This is sure to keep you and you’re girlfriend/boyfriend entertained! And you think you’ve heard enough to make you put in a high bid or just go ahead and buy it already?! Think again….

It also comes with 4 months tax, 8 months MOT; it has a good service history, spare gearbox and new gold plated wheels! (9ct), the tank has only been in 1 battle, and as you will see, it isn’t damaged.
In-tank gramaphone!
Poster of the ‘Teen Panzers’ themselves!
Hitler Dartboard!
Tv & Video!
Hi-tech Hi-Fi system (sony)!