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Whittman's Birthday Celebrations

Its all fun and games at Festung Jersey, as Whittman celebrates another birthday behind enemy lines.

Not quite forgotten by our gloriously retreating troops in northern France, the soldiers of Festung Jersey resolutely cling on to any hope and sign that victory is assured.

For that reason the Fuhrer personally sanctioned a special Whittmans birthday piss-up and victory parade in central jersey, comfortably covered by at least 12 inches of hardened concrete.

Edpow nearly mustered several fighter planes for a fly past, but unfortunately all the fuel had been drunk by the local luftwaffe.

The Fuhrer, scenting a major propaganda coup, proudly broadcast several new honours for our brave comrades in the Jersey Kessel, whose refusal to surrender and self-cannibilisation is a beacon of hope to us all.

See the broadcast in full below. Please note that this reporting is subject to allied wartime restrictions.