The Amazon Battalion

It has come to our attention just how few females there are playing sudden stReich. Why is anyone's guess, as spending hour upon hour watching your little men die horribly is obviously the most wholesome and natural thing in the world.

However there are one or to women out there playing the game, so if you want to join up, even if you are a really rubbish player, use this form. When you have passed our vigourous safety tests (I am fighting hard not to make jokes about parallel parking a jagdtiger), simply add (GDa) to the start of your gaming name.

What I envisage is a squad of bare breasted helgas rampaging across the ardennes crying 'BEER AND HONOUR'.

We currently have three non-combatant members of the Gross Dachshund 2nd battalion 'Amazon'.

(GDa) Matron -- Chief nurse and dental torturer to the clan. Owner of the Field hospital.

(GDa) Ruby Red -- Clan Morale Officer. Responsible for swearing at De Warrenne.

(GDa) Nurseh