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Welcome to Oddballs nearly new panzer warehouse!

You want it? we got it! From panzers to pershings and more besides! Many of our models come with delivery milage and a factory warranty direct from Krupp! If you think you cant afford one of our chariots of death you can think again, our finance department is willing to meet even the most desparate needs (your country and or family may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments on your tank) .

Just in! 1944 Marder SP. This baby is fully loaded (with 75mm Ammo) and has a tow bar fitted, just the thing for those bank holiday outings! Just picture your neighbours faces when they see 20 tonne of mobile howitzer sat on your drive!

Coming soon, a consignment of ex-lend lease Comets. Dont ask me how i got them, just bite my hand off to get one! Take a test invasion at the weekend!

Now this one is a bit special, a genuine panzer 4 with the long 75mm barrel. this tank belonged to a close personnal friend so i can assure you it's been well taken care of. An ideal second tank for the missus with lots of places for stowing the shopping, and i will even throw in a step ladder for the little woman!

NEW!!! see our full stock!