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New for version 4.0
>>War reference removal filter to prevent Germans getting all upset and guilty

Science removal filter for People of God

>>News filter system automatically blocks any reference to anti-government material

>>Sends special good-will messages every 10 minutes from corporate sponsors
internet nanny products can help make your web-surfing fun, enjoyable and safe.

While you are not watching, your child or partner could be viewing political, historical and pornographic websites over which YOU HAVE NO CONTROL.

internet nanny GIVES YOU THAT CONTROL, and at the click of a button will instantly censor just about anything you want!

Thats right! our patented filter engine is tailor made to suit revisionist historians, religious bigots and governments the world over.

Why wait? Download a free trial today and you could be enjoying an internet with safe, state-sponsored content, enjoyable corporate messages and of course nothing about ze war!

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