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New for version 4.0
>>War reference removal filter to prevent Germans getting all upset and guilty

Science removal filter for People of God

>>News filter system automatically blocks any reference to anti-government material

>>Sends special good-will messages every 10 minutes from corporate sponsors
Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't it dangerous putting this sort of software in libraries and schools?
Of course it is! But what would you rather, a free-thinking bastard anarchist or a nice brainwashed worker/consumer? Internet Nanny gives you that choice.

how much does it cost?
Internet Nanny is completely free, payed for entirely by your initial purchase and subsequent subscription charges.

So, this software removes any references to Hitler and National Socialism from the internet to comply with German law?

Yes, that's right ... and we go further than that! We have even banned all references to the 1966 world cup and the 5-1 thrashing a couple of years ago.

But didn't Germany do some terrible things in the war? you can't just ignore it!
yes we can. besides, it wasn't Germany that did those bad things, Hitler did it all on his own. Honest.

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