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New for version 4.0
>>War reference removal filter to prevent Germans getting all upset and guilty

Science removal filter for People of God

>>News filter system automatically blocks any reference to anti-government material

>>Sends special good-will messages every 10 minutes from corporate sponsors
Internet Nanny Version 4

fully customizable censorship technology, choose from 3 safety levels!

censorship level Allowed material
level 0 Dwarf porn, images of Hitler, pirate copyrighted material, bomb-making instructions
level 1 Bikini-clad women, mild anarchist sentiments, wartime history up to 1941
level 3 Corporate messages and branding, state-sponsored media, commercial shopping sites.

New heuristic content analysis
Our dynamic filter will search the page before it loads and remove all questionable content - see an example:
without filter      with filter

Online naughty website database

Our database of over 200 million dodgy websites will help you enjoy the internet the way the corporate state wants you to: you are there solely in your capacity as consumer and Internet Nanny can help guide you to the best consumer websites and marketing brainwash channels.

Spyware and Adware free!
Internet Nanny promises not to put any user-tracking or spyware on your machine. Well, just a little bit, but seeing as you clicked the "I agree" button we can do whatever the fuck we like.

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