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Fighting online for Walmart, baseball and watered down beer

Welcome to the GDSOB, a patriotic gaming clan for any American that is shocked to discover that people in other countries think differently.

We aim to use gaming as a recruiting ground for the USA military, and to make sure that anyone who disagrees with us knows that they are a
god-darn arab communist, Amen.

 by Mr Twinky posted 04.04.05  
Major clan victory in Call of Duty against the Axis of Evil clan. We sealed it on the map "rocket" by sneaking in and destroying their nuclear capabilty. They were, like, so not there.
 by Mr Twinky posted 04.03.05  
Yeah -- Alright!
It was an awesome game of sudden strike, we were playing against a combined team of krauts, limeys and frenchmen and we kicked their butts. We also saved the world from tyranny single handed again and managed to put a range of convenience shops on their clan websites as reparation.
 by Mr Twinky posted 04.02.05  
After the terrorist attack of 1812 we will uphold our nation's right to emit any CO2 we god-damn please. This is our god-given manifest destiny and anyone who thinks different is a communist homosexual.
 by Mr Twinky posted 04.01.05  
Playing the game "USA: Operation Iraqi Liberation", we faced a tough opponent but luckily our courageous cruise missiles and carpet bombing missions carried the day. God bless America and this righteous clan.