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"It's the duty of every American Citizen to troll forums with shite"
- Dick Cheney

Disclaimer, by Doctor Jeep

Like just about everyone in the world I was shocked and appalled by the terrorist attacks on America. I just want to make it plain that this site isn't making fun of the people that died that dreadful day.

However, just because the USA had a terrorist attack or two it doesn't mean that you can't make fun of it, or critisize it, or have a good laugh over its enormous inspiring awfulness over a few beers.

A few months after the two towers episode I went into a chatroom absolutely crammed full of Americans. They were talking such utter rubbish about geopolitics that I felt I had to say something. So, I invented a country "Abjabistan", and started saying things like:
"You USA you must leave Abjabistan!" and "Abjabistan is the land of my ancestors, leave us in peace, infidel America!"
And guess what! the entire chatroom was in uproar, shouting me out and proclaiming America's right to invade Abjabistan. I laughed so much I opened a second bottle.

So why does America think that not only it can invade whatever poor benighted middle eastern nation it wants, but also that it can invade whichever fictional country I choose to invent?

Leave Abjabistan in peace, America!