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Spring / Summer

Lifestyle solutions - marketed specifically for the busy master race
Fascist-chic isnt just about the clothes - its a way of life!

This week's featured room

Edpow's Home bunker
No self-respecting leader of a pariah regime regime would be without a place to avoid air strikes and salt away looted art, and Edpow is no exception.
Edpow's lifestyle bunker incorporates the latest in liberated french art, perfect for entertaining his many mistresses as he spends long quality time in front of his computer.

Notice the 17th century chairs available from our shop, or free from our network of collaborators and black marketeers.

Sports Utitlity Clothing

The Land of rivers and mountains beckons as you breathe in the cool alpine air. The smell of edelweiss and freshly washed Arian underwear lifts your spirits. In the distance, a dog howls.
Dachshund can offer you the very latest lines of culturally approved outdoor clothing and accessories.
Our model here, Dieter Strumpfenklomp, sports a very tasteful knickerbocker/lederhosen ensemble, which was met with rapturous applause at last year's Cultural Enlightenment show in Paris.