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GD clan, thanks to its lightning success in internet gaming, is able to offer a variety of holiday locations in occupied countries. Click on an area of the map to find out more about the country you will be assigned to.
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France! The best Assignment GD can offer
Ahhh! the smell of garlic and roast partisans! Who couldnt fall in love with the rustic charms of the sheep burning french farmers or the collaborationist beauty of the Parisian brothels?

France is a dream assignment, not only are the locals perfectly amenable to our occupation, but its a jolly long way away from the burnt out cities in Dachshund and the hells of the eastern front. Relax, put your feet up, and bring home a few souvenir Renoirs for your Frau.

Well, apart from the strange people cycling around in stripey tops selling onions, and of course all the filth, Paris is a must see! Quite simply, its THE place for top quality french totty, and its a well known fact that french birds are the dirtiest in europe. Don't forget to have your photograph taken underneath the Eiffel tower!

The rest
Probably best avoided. France has a mainly agricultural economy that is usually protesting about something.

Remember! when staying at a Frenchman's house, ALWAYS hide your wallet under the soap.

Some useful phrases
Hande Hoch!
Used when you see a beret-wearing Frenchman.

You find zis amusing?
Excellent retort to French taunting, particularly useful for intimidating waiters who lean over and sneer at your choice of food in a supercillious gallic manner.