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GD clan, thanks to its lightning success in internet gaming, is able to offer a variety of holiday locations in occupied countries. Click on an area of the map to find out more about the country you will be assigned to.
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Annoying Bolsheviks
Damned Englanders
Greater Dachshund

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Gross Dachshund
Frisch weht der wind mein heimat zu!
Despite all evidence to the contrary, Germany is still proud of its traditions and sees itself as the natural leader of a hegemonised Europe. From the quaint traditional racism of the south, to the efficient industrialism of the west, there is plenty to enjoy in National Socialist Germany!.

The secret police are here for the protection of the purity of the Volk. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

Travel within the Reich
Thanks to the Autobahns and the efficient railways, getting about has never been easier. Don't forget to take your ID papers with you though, as you will be stopped regularly by people in long black coats looking for pesky escaped British POWs.

Apart from the partisans, the appalling weather and the unfertile soil the eastern areas of the reich hold an unremitting fascination. Marvel as you look around your new lands, you are now the owner of vast desolate plains and empty villages!

Organised Excursions
In the ordered and uniform society that is modern Germany, a variety of activities are provided free of charge by the state. Attendance, though compulsory, is on a volunteer basis, and all costs will be extracted from your wages or next of kin.

- Crystal Nights
Enjoy the warm welcome from the local bierhaus, listen to some maniac shout at a rally and run around in brown clothes burning books and smashing up shops.

- Public denouncements
Earn favour with the local bureaucrats by informing on your neighbours. With this excursion, prizes are offered for the most ludicrous accusation. Last year our winner, Hans-Wolfgang Goldmann, won by getting 4 members of his family sent to a concentration camp for "looking a bit silly and not owning enough portraits of Hitler". Can you do better?

- Rallies
All stand in a line sticking your hand in the air, thus confirming your loyalty and abrogating you af all responsibility as an individual for what you are about to do in Eastern Europe.

- Air raid shelters
Confirm your belief in the master race by huddling in air raid shelters while the Americans and British level all of your cities.