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GD clan, thanks to its lightning success in internet gaming, is able to offer a variety of holiday locations in occupied countries. Click on an area of the map to find out more about the country you will be assigned to.
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Annoying Bolsheviks
Damned Englanders
Greater Dachshund

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The Eastern Front
Age-old enemies of true europeans, Germany has been helping to slaughter the hordes from the east for centuries. Despite Russia having vastly superior weapons and soldiers, the armies of the Reich cannot lose against these untermenschen!

For our special excursions to the Eastern Front, Gross Dachshund can offer these exciting perks:

Free food
When weather conditions permit airlifts into your encircled enclave.

To keep up morale, we'll give a wide variety of medals to help keep you warm in your freezing shallow fox-hole.

Cheap Labour
We can rely on endless supplies of cheap labour from eastern europe. Industrialists from the Dachshunder heartland are at this very moment indulging in a feeding frenzy of imperialist economics in the former territories of the soviet union. Don't feel guilty about your conduct during the war! Instead, continue to look down on them and view them as subhumans, thus enabling the English to keep reminding you about ze vor.

Oil, land, food, coal, gas, you name it
Invent some dreamed-up propaganda about evil-bolsheviks so our industrialists and bankers can get their fat fingers round the most mineral-rich country on Earth.