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GD clan, thanks to its lightning success in internet gaming, is able to offer a variety of holiday locations in occupied countries. Click on an area of the map to find out more about the country you will be assigned to.
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Rugged hills, fine food, and 5 millenia of history for you to savour, despoil and bring back bits for museums. Greece is a top location for Dachshunders wanting something that little bit different.

Hotels and Tavernas
Please remember to turn your nose up at local food and customs, and insist in a supercillious manner that all waiters and bar staff speak exclusively in German. For an added touch, make sure that in specially designated resorts all street signs should be in German, not Greek.
Also, when buying food or lodgings, always complain at length about the bill and behave obnoxiously to staff. Whatever you do, don't let them remind you that you invaded their country only 60 years ago.

Dachshund fully recognises the place of the Greeks in the development of european culture, and will indeed borrow all sorts of architectural styles for its monumental architecture, pretending that Greece was settled by Germans several thousand years ago.

Some useful phrases
Ach, Zorba, Du vill be schott! Zis bill is clearly wrong!
Say this again and again whenever you actually have to pay for something.

In Dachshund, of course, it vould not be done zis vay
Use your impressive ignorance of foreign customs to insist that Greek restaurants serve a wide variety of German food.