Make one in paper yourself! Easy and inexpensive!

- Pair of scissors
- lots of a4 paper
- lots of tape (sticky back plastic)
- something to write with

Putting it together.

I strongly suggest that to make sure you are alone to prevent annoying questions from family members and the like before you go ahead.
Cut a paper in half on the length.
Tape together the two pieces in one short end and put it around your head
to mesure where to tape together the other end so it fits you, then tape
toghether there. cut off eventual pieces that sticks out.
You should now have something like this (:
Now get the scissor and cut about 2-2.5cm deep cuts all around
your almost-a-helmet model with about 2cm
spacing then bend them inwards like this (ignore to cut the part where you taped together the two pieces):
next step is to get the top on.
take a new piece of paper and put your model on top of it and
 mark the hole with a pen or something.
cut it out with about 1-2cm outside where you marked.
then put the piece you just cut inside the model and tape it together, this is kinda tricky:

Now you have a fallshirmjäger helmet, if you want you can go on.

Lets do Visor.
put your helmet on top of some paper and take a pen and mark the edge of the
helmet where you want the thing to sit, then cut it out and tape to your helmet.
time for the side burns...
take the scissor and cut two stripes about 2.5-3cm
wide on the long side of your paper, then cut  1cm deep
along the whole side of those 1cm between each cut.
and then cut those long stripes into smaller, ca 5cm long pieces and
bend those flips you cut earlier:

only thing left now is the side thingys you just made
attatch them to your helmet with the flaps to the helmet
(tip: sick sack the flips on your helmet and they wont fall of, much easier to tape then).

have fun with your new helmet, go out on the street and goose step to "Deutschland Über Alles"!
(or anything else by David Hasselhof for the matter).