GD world war 2 Factbook.

In 1941, Goebbels succeeded, using techniques of constant message repetition and media saturation, to shift over 10 million pairs of Nike trainers.

The Germans never elected Adolf Hitler to power, they elected someone with the same name who looked identical.

The invasion of the Caucasus was not about securing oil, instead it was a war of liberation waged to help the people suffering in Iraq   Iran   Russia.

The German Panther tank was arguably the best in the war. It came equipped with infra-red optics, excellent communication systems and was available in a choice of three colours.*
*Metallic paint is only available in the Aus G model.

Germany never lost the war in 1945, they just took a break for 70 years or so.

The Fascist system of Nazi Germany bears no relation to the modern economies of today. Only the Corporation System, propaganda output and constant state of war is the same.

Contrary to popular belief, Hitler was not a vegetarian, he just didn't eat meat: only fruit and vegetables.

The battle of Kursk was not, as long has been supposed, a carefully planned operation. It was in fact caused by Edpow losing concentration and sending everything to the wrong flag.

The Russians did not have vastly superior weapons and resources. They had only a few clapped out tanks and the war was over by 1943.

The Germans invented football in 3256BC when they were a tribe of long-lived super-human nomads from Tibet.

Sauerkraut is a nutritious blend of Schnapps, Beer and Potatoes in a chilli sauce.

The leader of the Danish resistance stubbed his toe in a covert operation in 1943.

German war leaders were not homosexual, they just liked blonde fit boys and dressing up like the village people.

The phrase "OMFG U ASSHAT!!!!!!!!111" was coined by Eisenhower after operation Market Garden.

The internet was invented by Al Gore in 1944.

Hitler rigged an election in 1933 and went on to preside over an administration based on perpetual war, control of media and the mass death of any country opposed to his will. This, of course, could never happen again.

The incendiary bombs dropped by the allies were actually good-will messages that burst into lovely pretty flames on impact.

Station X in Britain only worked because they installed black boxes on the servers of all ISPs.

The Germans of the UK occupied zone rebelled when they were forced to stop their thigh-slapping dance and instead take up cricket and morris dancing.