World War two re-enactment links

a lively forum for ww2 re-enactors.
kompanie 1
large SS re-enactor group.
general Reenactor site
American-based site with lots of links and articles.
kampanie 1
large SS re-enactor group
Gross Deutschland US
large SS re-enactor group based in the USA. Above averagely humourless.
Gross Deutschland UK
band of UK re-enactors. these people acutally go camping in zeltbahns and dig holes wherever they go.
UK wehrmacht re-enactor supplies
characterised by getting orders wrong and sending them months late. Maybe they have the ideal silly hat there though. I'll give them a better write-up if they pay me to advertise.
Soldier of Fortune
huge amount of stuff for sale. Not quite sure of the veracity of some of the items but impressive nonetheless.
Richard Underwood
this guy seems to get the thumbs up from most re-enactors, and is apparently very helpful on the phone.