You are not forgotten

There are still tens of thousands of Gross Dachshund Missing in Action (MIA) who are not accounted for in the foreign lands where they gallantly fought and died for freedom and the right to have curry sauce with their schnitzels.

These players have been confirmed Missing in action. The Clan Information Ministry has confirmed they are STILL alive. We Pray That One Day They Will All Return Home.

GD Cobra (CCS, DDC)
SERVICE: The Gross Dachshund Division
RANK: Second in command
STATUS: MIA, presumed still alive
DATE OF INCIDENT: October 2001
COUNTRY OF LOSS: Enemy Occupied Portsmouth


Cobra, one time clan 2ic and founder of the dwarf battalion. Last seen deep under cover at the sust Tournament finals, where he was cruelly cheated out of victory by the fact that Sudden Strike stopped working and was crashing all over the place.

Oddball recently intercepted a top secret transmission from CDV software. If you dont have a strong stomach, or are offended by scenes depicting sickening and gratuitous violence, please do not read further.

GD Bain
SERVICE: The Gross Dachshund Division
RANK: Hauptmann
STATUS: MIA, presumed eaten by his comrades
DATE OF INCIDENT: October 2001
COUNTRY OF LOSS: Enemy Occupied Northamptonshire

NEWS FLASH ... Bain has been seen! its only a matter of time before he is reunited with his family and computer! NEWS FLASH .. Bain has disappeared again!

GD Valkyrie (BS, MEDIC)
SERVICE: Wolfabteilung Der Gross Dachshund
RANK: Ex-minister of finance
STATUS: Last seen getting married to a travelling shoe salesman
COUNTRY OF LOSS: Enemy Occupied Cyberspace


Currently the only member to be detained for treason.

GD Asmodain
SERVICE: Public Information Office
RANK: Ex-Hauptman
STATUS: Last seen in just about any chatroom ever
DATE OF INCIDENT: October 2003
COUNTRY OF LOSS: Enemy Occupied Finland


Left in treasonable circumstances to help set up the white zebras clan with bruhvahh. the white zebras are now only a rumour, and asmo is still posting on our forums. should be viewed with maximum suspicion.