Our heroes

Tony Blair

Whilst trying to arrange a new order in europe for us, Tony Blair has now found the ultimate solution to the Bovine question. Classifying whole sections of the mammalian community as 'untermenschen', he is responsible for the industrialised slaughter of thousands of innocents, burying them in shallow graves or burning them in so-called 'cattle purification showers'.

since writing this page, Blair has enthusiastically helped invade several countries, while at the same time enforcing drastic domestic "security measures", chummying up to rich industrialists, and telling as many ludicrous porkies as he can. Astounding! we at the Gd clan are in awe!

Mark Koenig

Legendary tank commander from The battle of the Bulge and Kelly's Heroes, Mark went on to perform many hits with popular music band level 42.

The National Socialist Westminster bank.

Their staff wear black, their logo looks like a swastika and they do questionable things to small countries.

Not in a thousand years will the guilt of Natwest ... etc etc.