Spotting a rat, by EX-GD Esel.

in a break from tradition on cheat pages i'm not going to give you any cheats, instead i'll tell what is available and show you how to spot someone using one pak files. Alternatively, get our open-GL wall hack here. This is under development and may cause problems with directX8.0.

pak files are propably the easiest cheat to run as ill u need do is download then drag the file into your main folder
(note not all pak files are cheats) some are mod maps, some are add ons to enhance gameplay like blood paks and sound mods.
however skins..again not all skins are cheats but some used along side "force models" are. examples are ronald mcdonald, spiderman and ali g. theres also plain colors red green blue etc. What happens is when the skin is selected for say axis and you are playing allied then all axis show up in bright colours making them easy to spot from distance and when peeking round corners. its nigh on impossible to spot someone using skins but there are server side mods that stop the use of force models so if you're worried find a server that runs the mod... i think lol clan server is one. big respect to them!

no windows no bushes etc does as it says on the tin gets rid of window panes and bushes . no bushes is hard to spot as any kills could be down to luck and skill as you are never so completely covered in bushes. The no window cheat is easier to spot: if a sniper crouches behind a window his view is obscured by the window sill if no window cheat is on then the window sill will be gone making for a clear view. if you think this cheat is being used watch for being sniped from a crouching sniper then try the shot yourself if you cant see past window sill then he shouldnt be able to either.

no doors/clear doors again as it says on the tin easy to spot. spectate behind the alleged culprit and watch for him making a mistake e.g running straight out a door firing at where an enemy turns out to be or waiting then opening a door just as an enemy comes into view

neon health/nades
etc. only a minor cheat, this turns the object neon green making them easy to spot. no real way to tell if its being used and hardly worth worrying about anyway.

crosshairs and sniper scopes i dont class these as cheats but i know people who think the default mohaa scopes and crosshairs really suck .check the download section for some of my favourites

there are a few other minor cheats but nothing i would get worked up about, e.g huge rockets and huge nades the advantage gained by using these would be minimal.

no recoil
again as it says on the tin it stops the weapons recoil so your crosshair stays in same place. its a bit shit actually as even though your crosshair doesn't move, your bullets act as if gun is recoiling so it makes it harder if anything as your bullets dont necessarily go where you are aiming. hard to spot and why bother!

the next lot of cheats come in the way of bugs in the game itself and are mainly to do with "going underground". what happens is at some points in maps there is an error in coding that lets u drop beneath the map and float freely (for an example go on free spectate during a game) this means u can see anyone on the ground level and shoot them without any fear of being shot yourself (to suss this one go on spectate and watch the alleged culprit) tbh no one really bothers any more so its unlikely you will see anyone use it, plus there is a server side mod that blocks all access points to underground.

another one is a ladder bug that lets u drop half through the floor if u then use the lean function it looks like a pile of rags (pretty weird to see actually) again youre limited to ground level and are still in view to an extent so easy to spot.

finally you have actual hacks these include
wall hack makes walls invisible so you can see pretty much everything. watch for people going on a killing spree going straight to where enemies are ignoring doors as he goes no fog. Add a couple of lines to your .cfg file and fog is lifted, watch for people shooting impossible distances for example on 'the hunt' the rubble is out of view from the sniper house and vice versa so watch for people shooting with anything other than a sniper from these 2 points.

aimbot - does it exist???? i think it does its a program that runs alongside mohaa and locks your gun on to either red or blue (force model skins are used so for example axis would be painted completely red ally completely blue). again just watch the player it will be pretty apparent if he is using one.

If you are serious about MOH, its probably worth getting in with a good clan. There are loads about and I don't know one clan that uses cheats. You'll get a better game anyway than on the public servers.