Medal of Honour: Allied Assault
By John Trekie


snipers work best in pairs either covering one approach or covering the others weak spot or blind side.

keep moving from cover to cover so no sniper zeroes in and pins you down.

M1 garand is a great weapon, packing a lot of accuracy and as much at least as the sniper after you have fired 8 off to his 2. BUT BE WARNED IT CANT BE RELOADED MIDCLIP ALL 8 BULLETS HAVE TO BE FIRED.

Machine guns are good for support but are too slow up close and quite unwieldy.

Submachine guns are great for the player who likes clearance and like RTCW the US submachine gun has a slight advatage over the MP40.

ROCKETS ARENT THE DEALDLY THINGS THEY ARE IN WOLF. They begin to deviate and spiral and become easily deflected off objects at range, but user is quite vunerable when aiming and they draw most fire.

Shotgun an evil weapon, only drawback is that shells have to be laoded and cant be used at range, again good for the house clearance or FIBUA.

SNIPER RIFLE simple easy to use and will still work even on a 56k connection


go to low ping games go to games with 20-25 not 30-48 games if on 56k as becomes quite bandwidth hungry then. Upgrade to latest version