By Von Esel Schwanz

hmmmmm where to start?
my compatriot trekie has already covered most of the single player elements and although i dont have his enthusiasm for single player (i keep trying to play it again but get bored once i'm past omaha, i think they should of worked it so omaha was the last level i've never played anything so engrossing and superlative! My heartbeat still rises and sweat starts to pump as i hide behind cover before making my next dash, having omaha as a final level would haveleft me screaming for more and phoning ea daily to hurry up with the add on).

so i'll do what i'm here for and concentrate on the clan/multiplayer aspects. first a couple of gripes:

1, why no lying down and crawling (this is a feature used in the forthcoming bf1942 but i dont think it will be used to its full effect if ever as everyone will be making a beeline for vehicles) whereas mohaa would have been improved immensely with this feature especially on 1 on 1 games, close your eyes and imagine it you know i'm right.

2, the much plauded shooting round corners that trekie likes so much i think sucks big time, i admit shooting round corners in itself is fine and an important part of the game however moh has some gliches where you can shoot round a corner without showing any of your body, hardly seems fair and infuriates me everytime i'm killed with it. i'm the first to admit i suck but why make it impossible to defend against (same goes for rockets, yes i know they are in the game so are there to be used but that doesnt mean they dont suck, do as grandmaster flash taught us in the eighties and DON'T DO IT"

3,do i have a 3? i suppose some of the maps on objective could be better most of them seem biased to one side, e.g the hunt where allies are channeled down one path unless you can dodge the grenades and make a mad dash across the road. however this is not a full gripe as there are plenty of good custom maps suited to different types of play e.g das boot for snipers.

ok enough whingeing on with the good stuff the realism has to be one of the best parts of moh: get a decent graphics card and some decent surround speakers and u could almost be there. add on one of the many blood packs availible and theres nothing comes close. another good point is teamwork, although not as in depth as say wolfenstein, i find moh a lot easier to use and adapt to. You all still have a role within the team e.g snipers need cover from a sub machine gun, shotguns need cover with rifles.

Although admittedly moh doesnt carry the teamwork feature off too well as everyone tends to just steam in and do their own thing ... please note the objective on objective maps is not to kill the most people but to complete the objective. If u just want to kill play team or deathmatch games the glorious grossdachshund division is a large clan.

however it is spread over quite a few different games and moh seems to have been left untended, this is going to become more apparent when sust 2 and bf1942 are released (and of course we now have the gd navy under the leadership of kapitan fat elvis..soon as he gets his sub back) and as such we need to bring the moh regiment up to battle numbers. GD is a close knit group of soldiers all sharing a ridiculously warped sense of humour an uncanny knack for drinking more than is healthy, and no shame as to the manner of death suffered at the hands of our peers. We have limited places available for those upto the job and/or the ritual humiliation at the hands of experiment camp kommandent painmaster email explaining why we should let you in.